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Bachelor of Arts in Family and Child Studies Program
The Family & Child Studies degree program at McNeese State University is one of the newest programs offered through CALL. Classes are on-line and are offered in an accelerated format to allow flexibility to non-traditional students who have job and family commitments and therefore have difficulty attending classroom sessions during the regular work day. On-line courses allow you to access class information and assignments at a time convenient to you. CALL classes are offered in quarter sessions. This means that instead of the regular 16-week long semester course, classes will be taught in 8-week sessions.

Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership, Strategic and Global Communication Concentration
This Organizational Leadership degree will strengthen the communication skills of today's workers.  Our concentration is comprised of 21 hours and is offered in five 8-week sessions.

Bachelor of Arts, Sociology

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
Students with less than 45 hours of transferable college credit can begin the first two years of the Criminal Justice degree online through a 2+2 program, earning an associate degree in the process. Once 45 hours of transferable college credit are earned, students may then begin taking coursework towards their bachelor's degree through McNeese's CALL Program. The McNeese State University's Criminal Justice program allows the learner to earn a BS degree in 120 hours in an accelerated format.

Bachelor of Science in Management
The management degree is useful for those needing to further their management knowledge and/or strengthen their credentials as a practicing manager, public or private-sector. Business and management degrees are among the best in the nation for finding gainful employment soon after graduation.

Through the CALL program, you will be on the fast-track to complete your degree through online classes and services, accelerated course delivery, and Prior Learning Assessment.  CALL allows adult learners to take advantage of two 8-week sessions within a regular semester.  This allows students to earn credits each session during the semester while only having to concentrate on one or two classes at the same time.  Online courses allow students to access class information and assignments when and where they choose.

Admission into CALL is reserved for non-traditional students or students who have difficulty balancing job and family with school.

McNeese State University is an evolving comprehensive university with the primary educational mission to provide a wide range of baccalaureate and carefully selected graduate curricula, distinguished by academic excellence.  There are students from 56 parishes, 34 states and 49 countries.

Dr. Helen Ware, Director of Electronic Learning and CALL
Dr. Allison Gibbons, Facilitator of Family and Child Studies

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